A better experience for our users

At DWService, we’ve been working hard to improve your experience when accessing your remote desktops from any modern browsers, wherever you are in the world.

Here is a roundup of the latest work projects we’ve achieved.

A better experience with full colors.

Previously, when rendering your remote desktops, our application relied on a homemade custom compression algorithm based on a 16-bit color palette.

You might have noticed that in some cases the color range was a bit low and was not true to the actual desktop. Only 65,536 colors were available and this is affected the experience as a whole. So we decided to move to JPEG compression.

With JPG the RGB input pixels are converted to a different colour space (YCbCr) in which luminance (Y) becomes a major element. This is because the human eye is more able to process luminance variations than color changes (Chroma Blue – Cr – and Chrome Red – Cb). In short you now get a rendering with 16 million colors… and a better experience !


A better usability across screens

DWService has been available on various screens from the beginning. However we have optimized the code in order to improve the usability of the interface.

Should you be technician monitoring your clients’ computers or simply on holidays far from home, chances are, you’re not on the move with a laptop but with a tablet. So we had to improve your daily routine. And we did!

It is now easier and more intuitive to select one of your agents and use the services available for it. The responsivness makes it especially awesome to navigate between your remote files and folders.

Finally we also improved the desktop reactivity as a whole by being less aggressive on the bandwidth limitator. Any operations that you do on your remote desktops should be running smoother.

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4 replies on “A better experience for our users”

Thanks for making mobile more functional! Now I can comfortably service PCs from my phone again! You guys rock! As an IT professional who used LogMeIn for years, I am loving DWService as a replacement to service our machines remotely!

The fact I only need a browser to control my machines is fantastic. Is a virtual Command line for windows likely to happen?

That’s an incredible and useful service !
It’s like the good old Logmein Free…. sorry it’s better !
Try it and you’ll love it !
Thanks for your work.

Essa ferramente foi uma mão na roda, pois com ela agora posso gerenciar vários computadores remoto da minha organização. Para todos deste projeto tão inovador e de grande valia para nós da área de TI.

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