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DWService is expanding and strengthening its infrastructure !

As DWService gains popularity across the world, we have been working hard at expanding our current infrastructure. We have also made sure that our regular users do not feel any impact on their daily use.

Our remote desktop solution finds its root in Europe. Naturally, that’s where we have implemented several nodes in order to provide a fast reliable connectivity. Those nodes – or relay servers – are used to open and manage connections between the remote machine and the master computer that is in the hands of the user.

The DWAgent that you have installed on your remote computer is smart enough to find the closest or less busy node around. Therefore, the more nodes available, the better. And the overall traffic will be more reliable and faster for anyone.

We have added no less than 4 news nodes on the Old Continent. Two of those are located in the cities of Dusseldorf and Karlsruhe, based in Germany. Another node has been set up in Novara, Italy and we have established the fourth one in Madrid, Spain.

In Europe, we had opened previously nodes in Milan (Italy) in Gravesano (Switzerland), in Paris (France), in Antwerp (Belgium), in Bratislava (Slovakia), in Oradea (Romania), in Warsaw (Poland).

DWService is now on all continents !

But of course, we continue growing out of Europe. In addition to those 4 new nodes, we have also set up other ones. People nearby Johannesburg (South Africa) may not take advantage of a dedicated server to speed up their connection when remotely accessing their machine.

Also, in addition our existing node in Singapore (Asia), we have set up a server in Melbourne (Australia). Let’s add that DWService is also present in South America (Brazil), and that 5 nodes are located in the United States.

Help us set up a node and become a premium member !

As you may know, those relay servers are setup and maintained by loyal users in exchange of an Advanced subscription which unlocks 20 Mbps of maximum bandwidth. Learn more about how to provide a node. We’ll help you set it up !

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