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Introducing : new website & new subscriptions

More and more people use DWService on a regular basis and we want to take the project a step further in order to ensure a maximum quality for our user base. Today we are introducing a new website as well as monthly and yearly subcriptions to meet the needs of everyone.

Firstly introduced as a small project enabling you to remotely access any desktop from any modern browser, DWService has largely evolved those past two years. It’s been used by professional IT teams who need a simple tool to remotely help their client. We’ve heard of employees using DWService in order to do remote work. Also many people have a home server that they often need to access from a remote computer.

A brand new website

We have been working on a new website which is now up and running. As soon as you go to, you will our new design displayed in your language but you can also choose to display it in 22 other languages

We have improved the responsive layout to make it more robust and more modern. it is now simpler than ever to log in your dashboard from a mobile device

Our subscription plans

We have founded a new company based in EU, we have improved our code base and we are now ready to offer subscriptions.

We have 6 different subscription plans unlocking a certain amount of available bandwith when remotely accessing a machine. You can pay for them on a monthly or yearly basis with a discount if you choose to pay for a full year.

  • Entry : 8 Mbps maximum bandwith
  • Lite : 10 Mbps maximum bandwith
  • Basic : 14 Mbps maximum bandwith
  • Advanced : 20 Mbps maximum bandwith
  • Professional 30 Mbps maximum bandwith
  • Premium : 50 Mbps maximum bandwith

We accept three types of payment : PayPal, credit cards and bank transfers. We provide an invoice for each type of subscriptions. You can cancel at any time.

Subscription benefits

By becoming a paid user you directly ensure the sustainability and health of the DWService project. You will be provided technical support, as well as bug fixes and updates.

When you sign up for DWService with the Entry, Lite or Basic subscription, you can choose to have you name appear on a special page on DWService website. If you go for the Advanced, Professional or Premium subscription, you can even have your logo with a backlink to your website.

Please note that subscriptions are not mandatory, yet, free users will remain on a service with less maximum bandwith than any paid users.

In order to learn more, please visit this page.

Are you experiencing a problem ? Please direct your questions to :
Are you a developer ? Discover the DWService API !:

14 replies on “Introducing : new website & new subscriptions”

It is possible create a configuration file for make an unattended installation of agente? This could be useful for deploy agent in a business unit, passing the configuration of installation code and password at the agent without necessity of configure every installation by hand.

You can use PSEXEC to push it over a network if your environment supports it.

psexec64.exe \\COMPUTER_NAME -c dwagent.exe -silent user=YOU@YOUR.COM password=YOUR_PASSWORD

What does DW actually stand for? If I haven’t used the service for a while I often forget what the two leading letters are in the domain name, whether it’s “dw…”, “sw…” or some other combination!! It would really help to remember it if I could put some real words on them! 🙂 And would be nice if you could write it in the FAQ 🙂

One little feature that should be easy to implement is that it would be nice to have a direct link to either the dashboard of a machine or directly to the screen. I know you can make one in the sharing feature but for security it would be good to have one where you would still need to log in whether with your normal login. It’s otherwise so cumbersome to first go to the website, then login, then click Agents, then click your machine, then click Screen. Would be really nice to have a link that goes directly to Screen.

Hello, I want to ask PC sound? Can we listen remote accessed pc sound? Is it possible? If it is, how can i listen remote sound?

Thanks a lot

Hello, at the moment it’s not possible. We want add this feature but I don’t know when it will be plan.

I just paid for a subscription, I love this service. One thing would be helpful, if there was a link a user could go to, to give us temp remote access without actually having to install the agent on their PC.

Thanks for you subscription. Your users can run agent without install it. In this case the agent will generate a temporary username and password that you have to put on our login page in order to connect with agent.

Hi, when i connect to the agent on my linux tinkerboard with Ubuntu o can the the file but i can’t see the screen ‘connexion lost’. Why ?

en Android es necesario corregir el teclado ya que no se puede acceder a las teclas de función con el F10, etc, pero esta muy bien

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