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DWService : the tool for IT Experts – part 2

Christophe manages an agency which implements and sometimes hosts free software solutions for other companies. He explains how he makes use of DWService in order to assist his customers.

DWService is getting widely popular, especially in those days. not only does it enable employée to work from home in those difficult days, it also ensures a continuous relationship with your parners and your customers.

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Can you introduce your company Adiczion ?

Adiczion is a company specialized in digital services. We work on two fronts. On the one hand we offer consulting, support, concepting and development for the free management solutions Tryton and Odoo. On the other hand we provide hosting for our clients who prefer not manage themselves the required environnement for those software. Not only are we experts in those solutions, we also have a specific skill to interconnect those software packages with third party solutions (e-commerce, connectors…)

How Adiczion uses DWService

Why do you use DWservice ?

We use DWService whenever we need to assist our clients. We also use it to train and support our partners.

How often do you use DWservice ?

It varies according to the situation. We can use it once a week or several times a day depending on the problem our clients and partners are facing as well as their needs.


In the current quarantine situation, DWService truly has become an essential tool enabling us to work from home. Without it, we would have to meet in person more often our partners.

In your company, how many people use DWService ?

For the time being, it’s just me, but this will evolve to more people in the coming weeks.

Should your clients or partners be using Windows, macOS or Linux, we’ve got you covered ! Get DWService for free here

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