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DWService : the tool for IT experts – Part 1

IT experts around the world use DWService. It’s available for free to anyone with a wide range of subscriptions if you need to unlock more bandwidth. DWService finds its place in large or small companies, like Computerisms.

Traditionnaly, IT experts would guide a customer by phone and ask them to install a full software so they can take over the screen and help them deal with an issue.

With DWService, the process is way more simple. Instead of a full software that stays in your task bar or eat up your RAM, we provide a small agent running in the background. A code will ensure a secured connection. IT experts can even host the DWService agent on their website to make it easier for their customers to find it.

How Computerisms uses DWService

We are delighted to help IT staff do their work and we wanted to highlight some of them. Recently we heard from Bob Miller who works at Computerisms, a small Canada-based company which provides a wide range of technical support.

Could you describe the activities of Computerism ?

Our primary focus is on Business clients, and we do pretty much anything and everything IT related as it pertains to business, from simple sales/maintenance/repair of computers to full network planning/deployments. We include in our services the ability to work with Linux, Windows and Mac. We often deploy servers for such services as VoIP, Active Directory File Servers, custom built firewalls, and other network attachable services.

How do you make use of DWService ?

We are located in Yukon Canada, and our customers are very geographically diverse. At Computerisms, we use DWService to be able to do desktop support for customers where driving to their location is not economically feasible.

We also use it as a way to access our linux servers where we cannot obtain or configure SSH access.

How often do you use DWService and how many people use ?

At least a few times per week. All staff at Computerisms use DWService, so 5 of us.

Should your clients be using Windows, macOS or Linux, we’ve got you covered ! Get DWService for free here



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This is something we want to develop at some point. However we have several other things we want to work on for now.


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