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Introducing the DWService APIs!

At DWService, we have been quite busy recently. We undertook to work on a set of APIs so that any developers can actually embed the service right within their own custom applications.

DWService enables anyone to access the screen or the files of another computer running Windows, macOS or Linux. And all this happens right from a web browser. This leads to various use cases. We believe we can go further by giving companies a chance to build a deeper integration within their own enterprise applications. That’s why we’re introducing the DWService APIs.

An overview of the APIs

This set of APIs – application programmating interfaces –  enables you to manage the number of agents that are installed on remote machines as well as the number of channels that represent active connections to agents. We have conceived a flexible system in which you pay for just what you need and when you need it.

At, you can create a developer account right now and generate your API key. We have also set up two examples for you to play around. The first only requires a PHP server (remote or local). The second example is written in C#. In order to try out those demo, we also provide a run-only installer for Windows, Mac and Linux.

In addition to the DWService APIs, we provide a custom installer for Windows, macOS and Linux so that you can brand it as you wish. You may change, the name, the logo but also the path of installation as well as the start menu, service and process names.

In order to learn more about the DWService API, please refer to the comprehensive documentation.


A couple of case examples

IT Support

One of the most common uses for DWService it to provide IT Support. You may want to build your own company software in order to centralize several tools, among which DWService.

Let’s say you run an IT support agency with 5 IT experts providing support to an external company with 200 employees. In your DWService API account, you need to set 200 agents and 5 channels. This way all IT experts can connect to the computers that are being supervised and offer their help to the 200 people.

Managing a central server

Let’s say you work in a company which runs a central server. The latter needs to be accessible through a custom Web application by a team of 10 IT administrators.

In case an incident should occur, all 10 IT administrators need to be able to access that central server. Therefore, in your DWService account, you will only need 1 agent for your custom web application that is installed on the server but 10 channels so that all IT administrators can access it.

Learn more and sign up for a DWService API account

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