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Remote desktop now gets auto-quality!

We can now auto-adjust the quality of your remote desktop experience

One of the cool features of DWService is the ability to access the screen of your remote computer directly through a web browser. But as with any remote desktop software, the experience largely depends on the quality of the network itself. If you access a remote machine from a computer outside your house, you may not be aware of the network speed. Also you may be connected to an irregular Wi-FI network, for instance if you are on a train on a 4G connection. So we have developed a tool to help you.

Until now, depending on your bandwidth, you were able to choose between minimum, low, medium or maximum quality. We are pushing the technology further. We have developed a custom algorithm which is able to analyze in real-time your network and providethe most suitable quality for you.

How does it work ?

When accessing your remote screen you are basically receiving a series of images within your browser window. An image is only sent when the previous one has been decoded by the browser on the end-user side. The algorithm is able to detect the delay between two images in real-time and make automatic adjustements.

If the delay increase, the quality of the bandwith is degrading. In this scenario, we will decrease the quality of the image in the compression engine before sending is to the end-user. When the quality of the network is better we can tell the encoder to provide a better quality for the next image.

All this is done smothly in the background in order to ensure a great experience on the user side. Also this process is done in real time, on the fly, do you don’t have to worry about anything. This algorithm i based on the open source project libjpeg-turbo.

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