We’ve got a new node in Norway!

In order to increase the performance of DWService worldwide, we’re opening up new nodes one after the other thanks to the great contributions of our community.


Our new node in Porsgrunn, Norway

Nodes are a fundamental part of the experience as they allow the connection between the user and the agent. When the agent connects to the DWService infrastructure, it is redirected to the nearest node or to the less loaded one. In a similar way, when a user connects to the agent, he is redirected to the node where the agent previously connected.

In order for the user to have a fast session, agents must be connected to the nearest and most performing nodes. Thus, the more available nodes, the better. As nodes grow everywhere, many people will be able to enjoy a fast session. Also servers are less likely to be overloaded in specific regions.

This week, we’re celebrating a new node in Porsgrunn, Norway. It should offer better performances to European users. For the record, here are out existing nodes


  • Roubaix / France
  • Porsgrunn / Norway

North America

  • Chicago / United States
  • Montreal / Canada

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