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Web Shell: send terminal commands to Windows 10 and Windows Server

If you have installed agents on some Windows machines, you may now use terminal commands to access them. More specifically, this new feature have been implemented for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.

As you may know, the shell app was already available to access Linux or macOS machines.  Lately, we have been working on porting this feature for Windows computer and here it is.

Accessing a laptop, server or desktop computer with the Shell app has a number of benefits that may not seem obvious at first hand. However, in practice, it solves various problems.

Shell support is here Windows 10 and Windows Server

Why would I use the Shell app on Windows ?

First, via a terminal session, you can create a script in order to set up several configuration all at once. This is a use case which is actually not possible with a standard user interface.

In a company, an IT administrator can also configure the settings of the operating system or execute certain commands from afar. And he won’t be disturbing the employee in his work.

Also, the DWService Shell app lets you control a machine that runs Windows Server Core, a minified version of Windows Server which can only be accessed via command lines.

Agents running on compatible Windows machines have been updated and you should now see the new app working on your side.


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3 replies on “Web Shell: send terminal commands to Windows 10 and Windows Server”

It would be greatly helpful if the default shell that is run with the shell command is able to be configured. is ancient… Most windows admins use Windows PowerShell or PowerShell 7

It would be nice to be able to configure the default shell to Windows PowerShell or even something else such as bash or zsh

This is really awesome. It seems like you can’t run an interactive command though. I tried SSH’ing into a VM that was running on a machine but it’s just terminates on accepting the fingerprint or entering the password… I guess it can’t be used for this?

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