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Adding notification transparency for the end-user

When it comes to accessing a remote machine, DWService is not only very flexible but also quite powerful. In fact, we thought it was maybe a bit too much powerful. So we decided to introduce a notification system.

Accessing a remote computer from anywhere with only a web browser, that’s how flexible DWService is. And it’s a breeze to use  compare to other solutions that require you to install a piece of software on the machine at hands.

It’s no surprise that DWService has been largely adopted by tech support teams around the world. IT companies have deployed agents on their client’s machines in order to be able to provide support at any given moment, and from anywhere.

dwservice agent notifications

More transparency for more trust

However we wanted to show a bit more transparency to the end user whose machine runs the DWService agent. As a matter of fact, and until recently, once the agent was installed, there was no real way for the end user to actually know when someone was connecting to their machine.

We understand that this part of the experience may not always be very pleasant. The end user might be looking at some confidential internal documents. And most likely, their employers is not willing to share those pieces of information with their IT support service, be it internal or external.

dwservice agent notifications

Also, as more and more people work from home to fight COVID-19, quite often the personal computer is used a professional tool. And vice versa. The machine running the DWService agent could then be used for personal tasks such a writing email or online shopping.

For those reasons, we decided to introduce several tools to inform the end user.

Whenever someone connects to the end user machine, a notification will show up at the bottom right of the screen. End users will have the ability to get information whenever the screen is being accessed, when the shell is in use or when a file transfer has been initiated.

We believe this degree of transparency is important.We think it will contribute to strengthen the confidence that companies share with their IT support team.

This update is available across all plateforms.

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6 replies on “Adding notification transparency for the end-user”

How can we disable this?
The end user in our case does not own the equipment, data, and privacy is not expected when using company owned equipment.


We have received your feedbacks concerning the notification on the remote screen. As explained, we initially introduced this feature to show more transparency to the end user whose computer is being accessed.

However, we understand that this may disturb your experience when accessing the remote screen.

We just pushed an update with the notification set up by default but with the option to disable it if needed. When activated, the notification icon is also a bit smaller.

If you want to disable that notification, the agent needs to be restarded either by rebooting the remote computing or, in some cases, by terminating and restarting the user session.


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