General News Infrastructure

DWService is expanding and strengthening its infrastructure !

As DWService gains popularity across the world, we have been working hard at expanding our current infrastructure. We have also made sure that our regular users do not feel any impact on their daily use.

General News

Dobré ráno ! We’ve opened a node in Bratislava !

DWService is strengthening its network and we’re happy to announce the opening of a new node based in Bratislava, Slovakia. As more users join in, we do need to boost the overall performances of our infrastructure.


DWService Security – Part 1 : our infrastructure

Whether you are a new user of DWService or you’ve been using it for a while, it is important that you understand our security model. We take it very seriously. Today we are going over the security of our infrastructure.


Hola ! Welcome a new node in Spain !

Just a few days after the opening of the Norway node, we are announcing another new one in southern Europe : Spain.