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Dobré ráno ! We’ve opened a node in Bratislava !

DWService is strengthening its network and we’re happy to announce the opening of a new node based in Bratislava, Slovakia. As more users join in, we do need to boost the overall performances of our infrastructure.

After the launch of a new node in Belgium in February and another one in Paris, France back in March, this time another one has been set up in Bratislava, Slovakia. What does it mean ? Simply that the overall DWService network will be able to handle more simultaneous connections in a reliable manner.

As you may know (or not), nodes are relay servers. They are the keys which open connections between the master computer that is in the hands of the user, and the agent that is installed on the remote machine the user wants to connect to.

The DW agents installed on your remote computers automatically connect to the closest node. This is to ensure a fast connection. However, if that server is a bit too busy, it will look for the most performing one. So basically, the more nodes the better for everyone who can enjoy a well-distributed traffic network.

In Eastern Europe, that Slovakian node joins the ones located in Warsaw, Poland and Oradea, Romania. In Western Europe, DWService also has nodes in Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. We also have nodes in the United States, in Canada, in Brazil as well as in Singapore.

Nodes are set up by fervent, loyal users in exchange of an Advanced subscription which unlock 20 Mbps of maximum bandwidth. To learn more about how to set up a node and contribute to DWService, please refer to this page.

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2 replies on “Dobré ráno ! We’ve opened a node in Bratislava !”

we have been using dwagent for a while now and we think it is the best administration software we’ve come across so far. the one thing we worry about is the fact that the agent is still running on python 2.7. do you have any plans on migrating to python 3.* any time soon?

thanks in advance.

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