DWService Security – Part 1 : our infrastructure

Whether you are a new user of DWService or you’ve been using it for a while, it is important that you understand our security model. We take it very seriously. Today we are going over the security of our infrastructure.

The DWService infrastructure

Front-end, Back-end and Nodes are the three core components of DWService’s infrastructure. More precisely:

Front-end is the component that manages the web interface of the site ( It communicates with the Back-end to redirect users and agents on the Nodes.

Back-end is the main component of the infrastructure. This is where data is stored. The Back-end is responsible for managing and monitoring all the other components.

Nodes are components that manage the web interface of the sessions ( They also deal with data triangulation between users and agents (managing bandwidth, checking connections, and so on). An agent is always connected to a node waiting for the user to connect.

All communication between components, as well as between users and agents, take place using TCP port 443 (https standard). Communications are encrypted via SSL certificate according to the latest security standards.

An open source model

Unlike other remote desktop solutions available on the market, we decided to go further by providing the source code of the agent. Anyone can check how it works ans what it does on their system. Developers also have ability to modify the code, for example to limit or monitor specific operations.

We are also planning to develop a simplified node version (connected to our infrastructure) so that the user can install it on his own server. For this simplified node we intend to provide :

  • Encrypted passwords will be stored.
  • Custom SSL certificate can be installed.
  • All traffic related to the agents will be redirected.
  • Data accesses will be stored.

DWService uses all reasonable security measures to safeguard information stored on its servers. In a second part, we will precisely address the nature of this data.


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